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Past Investigations

All LECC investigations publicly reported and report(s) on the investigation are available by clicking on the investigation tab. Where available, other material related to the investigation, such as media releases, public hearing proceedings, transcripts, recommendations and investigation outcomes are also provided.
Operation Baltra

Operation Baltra – an investigation into whether a NSWPF officer engaged in serious misconduct in his treatment of a female prisoner at a metropolitan police station on 15 September 2017.

Operation Tambora

Operation Tambora – an investigation into whether any NSWPF officer engaged in criminal conduct or serious misconduct in the apprehension of a 16 year old male at Byron Bay on 11 January 2018.

Operation Corwen

Operation Corwen – an investigation by the Commission into whether any police officers were involved in serious misconduct in relation to the arrest of Ms A on 9 April 2016 and the subsequent prosecution of Ms A.

Operation Carlow

Operation Carlow – an investigation into whether a NSWPF officer was involved in the use and/or sale of illegal drugs and associated with persons who were known to be or suspected of being involved in the distribution of illegal drugs or had been convicted of criminal offences. During the course of investigating these complaints, the Commission ascertained that, in an unrelated matter, a NSWPF officer had given false evidence in proceedings in the Magistrates Court of the Australian Capital Territory (‘ACT’).

Operation Ramberg

Operation Ramberg – an investigation into whether a NSWPF officer in regional NSW engaged in serious misconduct as a police officer and in respect of his personal financial dealings.