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Recruitment activity at the LECC is guided by the principles of diversity and inclusion to have equal employment opportunities, and selection based on merit.

The purpose of our competitive merit-based selection process is to ensure that the most suitable person is hired for the role and that the process is fair and transparent, therefore:

  • All eligible members of the community have a fair chance to gain a job
  • Selection is based only on a person’s ability to perform the work

Employment opportunities

All current job opportunities are listed on the NSW Government Careers website I Work for NSW.

Current or former NSW Police Force or Crime Commission officers are ineligible to apply for roles in the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission. Refer to the Applying for roles page for further information on eligibility and the recruitment process. 

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct sets out the principles LECC employees are expected to uphold, and prescribes specific conduct in areas considered central to the exercise of the Commission's functions.