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Common complaints we receive but can’t investigate

What you want to complain about

Who you should complain to

Administration actions of state govenment agencies and councils

Traffic fines (including speeding tickets, red lights and tolls)

Legal services (including lawyers)

Health services

Privacy concerns

Court decisions

  • The Chief Justice of the relevant court

Use of force/Unfair treatment by Corrective Services NSW

Other types of complaints

What you want to complain about

Who you should complaint to

Aboriginal Services

Australian Federal Police

Banks and financial services


Children, young people and family services

Child support

Council operations and breaches of the Local Government Act 1993

Custodial services

Disability services



Energy and water bills

Goods and services, consumer protections

Homelessness services

Human rights issues

Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)

Judicial officers and NCAT members

Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC)

NSW Ombudsman

Public transport

Private health insurance

Telephone and internet services

Workers compensation

Workplace safety

State Police - Other States and Territories

Northern Territory Police Force

Queensland Police Force

South Australia Police Force

Tasmania Police Force

Victoria Police Force

Western Australia Police Force