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The LECC encourages members of the public and public officials to report suspected serious misconduct or serious maladministration involving the NSW Police Force or NSW Crime Commission.

Anyone can report allegations of misconduct or maladministration to the LECC and you can do so anonymously if you wish. If you do provide contact details, then the LECC will be in touch to let you know it has received your complaint, and then subsequently to inform you of its decision.  If you have information about Police or Crime Commission misconduct, you should pass it on to the LECC. Timely reporting helps the LECC to deal effectively with the conduct and prevent future misconduct.If you are a NSW public official who has information about members of the NSW Police Force or the NSW Crime Commission engaging in corrupt conduct, maladministration or serious and substantial waste of public money, you can make a public interest disclosure to the LECC under the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 (NSW) (PID Act). The PID Act provides legal protection to NSW public officials who make a disclosure, provided the disclosure meets the requirements of that Act. For information about making a public interest disclosure to the LECC, and the requirements and protections under the PID Act, see the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission's Public Interest Disclosure page.

Report serious misconduct or serious maladministration now 

Our secure online forms provide an easy and efficient way to report serious misconduct or maladministration.

Using these forms ensure you have provided the LECC with the necessary information to assess your allegation.A report you submit may simply be providing information as a witness of misconduct, or it may be pertaining to a complaint due to a direct interaction with a NSW public official.  You may refer to the links below for guidance on what kind of report is suitable for your purpose.

Before making an allegation regarding suspected misconduct or maladministration, understand what matters fall within the LECC’s jurisdiction for investigation or oversight. More details about the definition of serious misconduct and serious maladministration can be found in the Understand what you can report to us section. NSW public officials should also check the protections for public officials under the provisions of the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 .

Our secure online form provides an easy and efficient way to report serious misconduct or maladministration

Our secure online form provides an easy and efficient way to report serious misconduct or maladministration

Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Australian Government agencies are required to ensure information and services are provided in a non-discriminatory accessible manner. An easy read version is available to make complaints to the Law Enforcement Conduction Commission.

Services available to assist you when contacting the LECC

We have a complaints form which outlines all the information you need when reporting serious misconduct or maladministration.We also have a form that you can use to provide information that may assist us in any incident that you may have witnessed. If you are a non-English speaking person, you can seek assistance through the Translating and Interpreter Service (TIS) on 131 450.If you are deaf, have a hearing impairment or speech impairment, contact us through the National Relay Service (NRS). 

Other reporting methods

If you are unable to complete the online form, please contact the LECC at: 

Post: GPO Box 3880, Sydney NSW 2001

Fax: (02) 9321 6799

For further information please contact (02) 9321 6700.

Magistrates and Judicial Officers may make a complaint to the LECC using the attached form:

NSW Courts Complaint Form

Legal representatives may make a complaint to the LECC using the attached form:

Legal Rep Complaint Form

Note: All complaints must be submitted in writing and are not accepted over the phone. If you cannot submit a complaint in writing, please contact us for assistance.