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Oversight investigations

The law says that, most of the time, the New South Wales Police Force or the NSW Crime Commission should manage any complaints that are made about their staff.

However, the LECC makes sure these agencies deal with misconduct appropriately.

We independently review the finalised misconduct investigations that have been done by the Police or the Crime Commission.  

If we think it is appropriate, we can:

  • Request more information about the investigation
  • Ask the Police or Crime Commission to investigate other issues or speak to other people as part of their investigation
  • Ask the Police or Crime Commission to reconsider their decision about what action to take at the end of an investigation.  For example, we can ask the Police or Crime Commission to consider disciplinary action for an officer who has been investigated
  • Take over the investigation and do it ourselves.

We can also undertake real-time monitoring of ongoing misconduct investigations conducted by the NSWPF or the NSWCC pursuant to s 101 of the LECC Act.

This real-time monitoring may include:

  • being present as an observer during interviews conducted by police officers for the purposes of the police investigation, and
  • conferring with those police officers about the conduct of the misconduct investigation, and
  • requesting reports on the progress of the investigation