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Make a complaint

Before you report to the LECC...

  1. Understand what we do
  2. Are you submitting a complaint or providing an information?
  3. What we will and will not investigate or oversight
  4. Check if we are the right NSW agency to contact
  5. How your complaint will be dealt with
  6. How we protect your privacy
1. Which NSW agency (or agencies if you have more than one complaint) is your complaint about? (required)

You can find out more about what types of things you can make a complaint about here.

For example, tell us:

  • what happened?
  • when did it happen?
  • where did it happen?
  • who was involved (the name of the police officers and any other people, if you know)
  • If your complaint is about a NSW Police officer, the station or Police Command (if you know).
2b. What date did it occur?

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Valid image extensions: .jpg .png .gif;
Valid documents extension: .docx .doc .xls .xlsx .pdf .txt;
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If yes, please give us their names and contact details.
5. Have you contacted any other government agencies about this complaint? If yes, please tell us who you have contacted.

How can LECC contact you?

You don’t need to give us your name or contact details if you don’t want to. But it may be harder for us to assess or investigate any anonymous information.

It’s a good idea to give us a way to contact you.

6. Do you want to make an anonymous complaint?If you want to remain anonymous, skip to question 17 — but we won’t be able to let you know what happens with your complaint or get any more information from you that may help us.
11. Your date of birth:Please enter date in the format dd/mm/yyyy. For example , enter 31 December 2000 as 31/12/2000.
17. Do you need an interpreter or translator?
18. Do you need a communication aid?
19. Are you, or have you ever been, a NSW Police Force or NSW Crime Commission employee?
19a. If No to Q19 above, Are you or were you employed by the NSW Government (including on contract, or by providing services on behalf of a NSW Government agency)?

Referring your information

The law says that, most of the time, the New South Wales Police Force or the NSW Crime Commission should manage complaints made against them. This makes the Police and the Crime Commission take responsibility for the actions of their officers.

We review the way in which Police or Crime Commission handle these complaints. We can also require the Police or Crime Commission to investigate complaints. We can also investigate a complaint ourself if that is appropriate.

You can find out more about our role here.

This means we refer most complaints to the Police or Crime Commission.

Do you agree that we can give the information you’ve given us to the NSW Police or the NSW Crime Commission?

If you don’t want us to refer your information (if you don’t agree) you can tick 'No' in question 20.

But this may mean that we can’t take any action on your information.

20. Do you allow us to refer your complaint to another agency if they would be more suitable to help you? (required)

Other details

21. Are you making this report for someone else?
In the absence of a written consent or evidence that you are the guardian, we may not be able to provide you with personal information about the affected person in our response to your complaint.
22. Do you (or the person you are making the complaint for) identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?
22a. Do you (or the person you are making the complaint for) speak a language other than English at home?
22b. Do you (or the person you are making the complaint for) have a disability or any special needs?
24. Are you (or the person you are making the complaint for) under 18?

What will happen next?

We will assess your complaint and decide what, if any, action we can take.

We may need to contact you for more information.