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Media Release - Operation Tepito Final Report

Monday, 30 October 2023

The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission has issued a final report in its long-running investigation about the NSW Police Force’s use of the Suspect Targeting Management Plan (STMP) on children and young people today.

The Commission’s report, known as Operation Tepito, details the Commission’s significant concerns with the application of the STMP on young people, including observations that some STMP-related policing interactions with young people were, or may have, been unlawful.

The tabling of the final report represents the conclusion to the Commission’s investigation which spanned more than five years and involved significant engagement with the NSW Police Force.

According to the report the consistent overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people as STMP targets indicated the ongoing discriminatory effect of the policy to the Commission.

After reviewing the Commission’s draft report, the NSW Police Force informed the Commission it stopped using the STMP on young people in October 2023.

Chief Commissioner Peter Johnson SC acknowledged the recent decision.

“The Commission welcomes the New South Wales Police Force’s decision to stop using the STMP on young people. Policing young people is a complex issue that undoubtedly requires a response.

“But it is important for police to act lawfully and in line with the established legal framework that recognises the unique features of young people, including the reasons why they might offend.

“This is an important opportunity to remedy the concerns of the past. We look forward to working with the police force as it develops a new approach to responding to young people who are engaged in, or at risk of, offending,” he said.

The Commission has not made a formal finding against the NSW Police Force after it agreed to discontinue the use of STMP on young people.

The final report can be found here and a fact sheet about the Commission’s report can be found in this link. A video summary of the report can be viewed on LECC’s YouTube channel.  The interim report can be found here. To obtain pre-recorded interview footage and grabs of Commissioner Anina Johnson, contact LECC Media.