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Media Release - Notice of LECC Real-time Monitoring

LECC real-time monitoring the NSW Police Force investigation into recent police contact with Mr Danny Lim

Thursday, 24 November 2022

The Commission is using its real-time monitoring powers to closely follow the NSWPF’s misconduct investigation into the police contact with Mr Danny Lim in the Queen Victoria Building on Tuesday 22 November. 

This includes considering the force NSW Police Force officers used as part of Mr Lim’s arrest.

The Commission’s powers allow it to undertake real-time monitoring of ongoing NSW Police Force misconduct investigations. This real-time monitoring may include powers such as:

· being present as an observer during interviews conducted for the purposes of the police investigation,

· direct access to the NSW Police Force misconduct database, including all documents relating to the investigation,

· access to any footage relating to the investigation

· discussing the conduct of the misconduct investigation, with investigating police officers, including raising any concerns and

· requesting regular progress reports.

If the Commission has any concerns about the NSW Police Force’s conduct of the investigation, the Commission has the power to step-in and take over that investigation itself.

The Commission will continue to closely monitor the progress of the police investigation of police contact with Mr Lim.