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Promoting the integrity of the NSW Police and the Crime Commission

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A summary of the NSW Police Force's response to the 13 recommendations made in the Commission's Review of the operation of the amendments to the consorting law under Part 3A Division 7 of the Crimes Act 1900. The report was published in February 2023.

What we do

If you have a complaint about the NSW Police Force or the NSW Crime Commission you can come to us.

We handle complaints about serious misconduct or serious maladministration involving the NSW Police Force or NSW Crime Commission.

About us


The law says that the NSW Police Force or the NSW Crime Commission should be primarily responsible for complaints that are made about their staff.

The LECC makes sure these agencies deal with misconduct complaints appropriately.


We can conduct our own investigations into complaints about serious misconduct within the NSW Police Force and the NSW Crime Commission.


We conduct research on the way in which the Police and Crime Commission work so that we can identify any unlawful or unreasonable practices and help to prevent misconduct in the future.


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