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What happens once your complaint is submitted

After successfully submitting your complaint, the LECC will undertake an evaluation to determine whether it falls within the LECC’s jurisdiction for further investigation or oversight. Based on this assessment the LECC may:  

  • refer the matter to another agency or the NSW Police Force or NSW Crime Commission,
  • request an investigation by the NSW Police Force or NSW Crime Commission and conduct an oversight of the agency’s final investigation report,
  • conduct further assessment enquiries
  • undertake a preliminary investigation, or
  • take no further action

The LECC does not seek to achieve a personal remedy for someone who reports serious misconduct or serious maladministration.

Regardless of the outcome of a complaint, the information we receive helps identify broader trends and patterns that can help prevent serious misconduct and serious maladministration.

Complaint review process

If a complainant is unhappy with a recommendation in relation to their complaint, they may request that their complaint be reviewed.

This request must be received in writing within six weeks of the Assessment Officer advising of the outcome of their complaint.

The complainant must specify what information they believe is of most significance to be reviewed.

When a request for review is received, the complaint will be allocated to a different Assessment Officer than who previously assessed the complaint. They will conduct a full assessment of all available information.

The Assessment Officer will make a recommendation to the Manager Assessment and Audit for approval. If the recommendation is different to the initial assessment, the Manager Assessment and Audit will confer with the Commissioner for Oversight.

The complainant will be advised of the outcome within four weeks of receipt of their request for review.

Complaints about the Commission

A person may contact the Inspector of the LECC to report maladministration and/or misconduct on the part of the Commission or officers of the Commission. The Inspector is an independent statutory officer whose function is to provide oversight of the LECC and its officers. Please address correspondence to:

The Hon Terry Buddin SC
Inspector of the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission
GPO Box 5341
Sydney NSW 2001

A complainant may approach the Inspector of the LECC if they remain dissatisfied with the assessment of their complaint.