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Submit a complaint

What information do you wish to report?

1. Which NSW agency or agencies does your complaint relate to?

For guidance on what to include please refer to what we can and cannot investigate or oversight. This page includes an overview of what is defined as serious misconduct and serious maladministration.

How can LECC contact you?

You do not need to provide your name and/or contact details to the LECC if you do not want to. However, information given anonymously may be more difficult to assess or investigate. Therefore we encourage you to provide a way for an officer of the LECC to contact you. You may provide an alias.


If you wish to remain anonymous, the LECC will not be able to advise you of the outcome of the matter or obtain any further clarifying information from you.

11. Date of Birth:
17. Do you need an interpreter or translator?
18. Do you need a communication aid?
19. Are you a current or former NSW Police Force or NSW Crime Commission officer?
20. If your matter is outside of LECC’s scope for oversight or investigation, it may be more suitable for us to pass the information (or part of it) onto the NSW Police Force or NSW Crime Commission for handling. We will only refer your complaint where it is necessary and appropriate. If you do not consent to us directly referring your complaint you can untick the box below. However this may mean there is no further action the LECC can take with your allegation.

Other details

21. Are you making this report on behalf of someone else?
22. Please indicate if you (or the person you are making the complaint on behalf of)
… identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?
… speak a language other than English at home?
…. have a disability or special need?
24. Are you under 18?

What happens now?

An assessment of your complaint will be undertaken, and a decision made as to what, if any, action can be undertaken by the LECC. In some cases we may need to contact you for more information.

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